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Robinett Consulting is IT as it should be: personal. We prioritize the relationship with our clients, enabling their business to grow securely and efficiently.


Our Values

At Robinett Consulting, we are IT as it should be; a relationship focused personal touch to IT. We’re not a cookie cutter solution that cares only about the dollar. Instead, we are your consultative partner that strives to help grow your business and have your technology truly enabling you. We aim to understand you and your business so that you do what it is you do best and are not hindered by your IT.

Robinett Consulting started in order to help businesses improve their IT services & save money!

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John Robinett

Founder & President

John Robinett is the founder and CEO of Robinett Consulting with more than twenty years of experience in IT. Working for Fortune 5, 100, and 500 companies, he has gained a unique understanding of what organizations need to improve their services and save money. Realizing large IT firms don’t always have the client’s best interests in mind and only offer pre-determined packages/solutions, John started Robinett Consulting in 2013.

Christian Powell

Vice President

Christian Powell is a Security Engineer with Robinett Consulting. Prior to joining Robinett Consulting, Christian earned a degree in Computer Science from Georgia State University with a concentration in parallel distributed computing. Christian’s goal with clients is to be relationship focused and help them grow their business to their fullest potential. In his spare time, Christian enjoys travel, spending time with friends & family, and video games.

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Casey Maines

Systems Engineer

Casey Maines is a Systems Engineer with Robinett Consulting.  Prior to joining Robinett Consulting, Casey spent 20+ years as an IT Administrator with focus on virtualization, cloud, and data center technologies.  Casey earned his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree from Capella University.  He enjoys spending time with his family, sports with his kids, being outdoors, and serving in his church and community.

David Bohn

Technical Writer

David Bohn is a technical writer currently working in the IT and utility industries. He has a Master of Arts degree in English, emphasizing Early Modern Drama and Post-Colonial theory. Since graduating, David has prioritized technical writing that brings accurate and useful information to working class jobs and small businesses. When not writing, David enjoys going to see plays, building communities online, and playing video games.


Melanie Lapinsky

Executive Admin.

Melanie Lapinsky is an Executive Administrator with Robinett Consulting with over 20 years of Administrative experience. Over the years Melanie has interacted with various state agencies and educational programs. At Robinett Consulting, Melanie handles financial matters for the company, as well as facilitates the needs of the office and clients. When not working, Melanie enjoys spending time with family.

I value the ability to spend quality time with your organization and provide you the engagement you deserve to build our relationship, because I become successful when your organization becomes successful.

–John Robinett, CEO

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