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Secure remote work with SASE tools.

What is SASE and How Will it Best Help Your Business?

As businesses rely more on remote work, maintaining high quality security is important. SASE can be a crucial idea for businesses to take advantage of in this new age of work.
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A group of mobile workers practicing great VPN security habits while working.

3 of the Best VPN Security Features for Small Businesses

Have your security tools kept up with the move to remote and hybrid work? To make sure you are getting the most out of your VPN, here are three VPN security features that any small business with remote workers should have!
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SMB operating with data breach protections

Data Breach Defense for Small and Medium Businesses

Is your business protected against a data breach? Information gets stolen from companies every single day, and malicious actors will take any piece of data they can. To help improve your cybersecurity, here are a few tips on how to defend against a data breach.
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Articles - Business Communication Tool Header custom crop

What Makes the Best Small Business Communication Tool?

Have you considered upgrading how your employees and clients communicate with each other? If you're thinking about a new business communication tool or service, then here are a few key considerations that will help you make your decision.
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3 Strategies to Make Your IT Environment Efficient

Building out your business' IT environment can be a hard task, but it doesn't have to be. Here are three key strategies Robinett Consulting thinks you should keep in mind as you plan the growth of your IT Environment.
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Business owners need to operate with ransomware protection

3 Ways to Implement Ransomware Protection

To round out our week on ransomware, we want to talk about the best ways to defend your business from ransomware attacks. Here are three ways your business can improve its ransomware protection!
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Ransomware attacks will often begin as phishing campaigns.

The Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

To continue our week on ransomware information, we're taking a look at the anatomy of a ransomware attack from start to finish. How do they happen? Should you pay the ransom?
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A header for questions on ransomware, phishing, and malware threats.

Back to Basics: What is Ransomware?

With the rise in ransomware attacks and their increasing efficacy, it is more important now than ever to be in the know about ransomware. In this article we start off a week of ransomware information by answering the question: what exactly is ransomware?
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An employee receiving a well-crafted phishing attack

4 Ways a Phishing Attack Tricks You

Have you learned enough about phishing attack strategies to be prepared? In this article, we highlight four strategies malicious actors mix and match to craft the most dangerous phishing emails.
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Small business employees working together better with cloud technology.

3 Ways the Cloud is for You

Is your small business growing and signing on new team members? Now might be the best time for you to move into the cloud, and here are three great reasons why.
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Ransomware attacks will often begin as phishing campaigns.

What Your Business Needs to Know About Nation State Cybercrime

Are you worried about the threat of state sponsored cyber attacks? Here is some important information for employees to know about nation state cybercrime that will help keep your business secure.
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Articles - woman business grade computer custom crop

Why Upgrade Older Devices to a New Business Grade Computer?

Has your business been getting by with older technology? Here's a few good reasons for you to consider upgrading the older devices on your network to new business grade computers.
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Articles - 3greatreasons buy biz laptop custom crop

3 Great Reasons to Buy a Business Grade Laptop

Business Grade Laptops come with a lot of security features and warranty options that their consumer grade counterparts do not. Here are three business grade perks that you want to consider when choosing which laptop to buy.
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Articles - why biz computer custom crop

Why Buy a Business Grade Computer?

Does your business need to upgrade the machines employees use? Here's why you should consider buying business grade computers for your small business.
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Articles - outsourcing it reduces costs custom crop

3 Ways Outsourcing IT Reduces Small Business Costs

Are you familiar with the cost benefits of outsourcing IT for your business? An outsourced IT team can save you time and money by providing the same security enterprise companies have for a fraction of the cost!
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Articles - 3benefits outsourcing custom crop

3 Benefits to Outsourcing IT for Small Businesses

Small and medium businesses have enough to worry about as they grow and become more competitive in their industry. Here are three good reasons why it may be a good idea to outsource your IT to a local team of security specialists.
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Articles - RC Banner 2 01 e1650248405114 custom crop

Layered Security: Robinett Consulting’s Approach to Cybersecurity

Your network security is our number one priority here at Robinett Consulting. In this post, we want to explain to you our approach to securing IT environments and providing high quality security tools at affordable costs.
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Articles - 3ways begin secure small biz IT 10 custom crop

3 Ways to Begin a Secure Small Business IT Environment

Is your small business growing and in need of building out a secure IT environment? Here are three starting steps to help you think about what your business needs for its growth in a digital work place.
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Articles - cloud email best secure bizemails hackers 8 custom crop

Cloud Email: How to Best Secure Your Business Emails from Hackers

Are you familiar with cloud email security? If your business works with a cloud based email service, then you may be lacking security features your need to operate safely.
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Articles - multifactor authentication smallbiz 7 custom crop

Why Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a Must for Your Small Business

Multifactor authentication is an absolute must for your small business if you want to keep your data secure. But did you know an MFA can do more than secure log in attempts? Come find out what an MFA should be doing for you and your small business.
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Articles - CyberSecurityMeasuresProtectYourSmallBiz custom crop

3 Cyber Security Measures You Can Take to Protect Your Small Business

Have you been looking for where to start with small business cyber security? Here are three easy measures you can take to improve your security posture and keep your business running smoothly and safely.
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Articles - endpoint protection business defend 1 custom crop

What is Endpoint Protection? And How Can it Defend Your Business?

Are you getting the most out of your endpoint security? Malicious actors are always on the hunt for vulnerable networks that make for easy targets. Endpoint protection can help deter attacks and improve your business' response to attacks when they happen.
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Articles - phone business next gen firewall custom crop

3 Capabilities Your Next-Generation Firewall Should Have

With the security landscape always evolving, it can become difficult to know what features you need to look for in a next-generation firewall. Most people associate a firewall with the function of controlling which applications gain access to your network, but they are a tool that can do much more for your small or medium…
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Articles - phishing awareness training benefits 27 custom crop

3 Phishing Awareness Training Benefits for Your Small Business

Do you know what you need for strong phishing awareness training? This article lets you know the three key benefits to look for in phishing awareness training for your business!
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Articles - benefits using phishing Attack 23 custom crop

The Benefits of using Phishing Attack Simulations for Training

With how common phishing attacks are in the workplace, training your employees to recognize and properly dispose of malicious emails is an integral part of any business’ cyber security plan. The human side of a business will typically be the most vulnerable security element malicious actors will try to exploit, so implementing a thorough training…
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Articles - the access network for wifi 6 call guide custom crop

The Anatomy of a Phishing Attack: What You Need to Know About Phishing Campaigns

Phishing emails are a common threat that a large majority of people have come across already, and when a lot of people hear the words, they’ll think of poorly worded emails that are obviously malicious. While a lot of phishing emails may look like this, in reality phishing campaigns can be complex, convincing operations that…
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Articles - dark web scan 20 custom crop

3 Security Risks that Can Appear on a Dark Web Scan

If you think your business security would benefit from a dark web scan, then it’s important to know some of the key pieces of information that could come up for your business. Knowing what malicious actors have gotten their hands on and how they may have approached your business for an attack may surprise you,…
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Ransomware attacks will often begin as phishing campaigns.

Three Ways Dark Web Monitoring Can Help Protect Your Business

Given the abundance of illegal activities going on within the dark web, proactive business owners will want to know how to stay on top of their data and be the first to know if any of their company information has been stolen by malicious actors. Of course, learning how to access the dark web and…
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A header for questions on ransomware, phishing, and malware threats.

What is the Dark Web? And Why it Matters to Your Business

The dark web is an area of the internet that does not appear on the search engines most users are aware of. You cannot access it with Google, Bing, or through typing a website URL into a web browser like Chrome or Firefox, and this inability to interact with the dark web leads many regular…
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Articles - business email shouldhave own domain 11 custom crop

Why Your Business Email Should Have its Own Domain Name

Quite a lot of us remember making our first email address at a young age, and sometimes saying them out loud now would be the cause for a bit of embarrassment. We wouldn’t want to use those email addresses now, but they served a purpose when we made them. In a similar vein, you may…
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Articles - hackers stolen credentials 6 custom crop

Three Ways Hackers Use Your Stolen Credentials

Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for ways to steal company credentials and access sensitive information within a business. A lot of people assume that an attacker will immediately act on the credentials they steal and give away that they have gained access to your environment, but this will not always be the case.…
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Articles - cyber criminals stealing company credentials 4 custom crop

Four Ways Cyber Criminals Steal Company Credentials

A successful, growing company is a prime target for malicious actors trying to steal user credentials, and they will go to great lengths to trick employees into handing over their username and password. Nowadays there are many ways malicious actors can launch a cyberattack on your business, and to help you better secure your business…
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Articles - features look security learning platform 3 150x150 1 custom crop

Three Features to Look for in Your Security Learning Platform

Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for businesses that have failed to install security updates or neglected to properly secure their data, but more often than not, the human element of your business can be where malicious actors focus their attacks. Sometimes how malicious actors plan their attacks can be complicated, but an attack…
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Articles - small businesses get hacked defend business 1 custom crop

How Small Businesses Get Hacked and How to Defend Your Business

When thinking of a cyberattack, many people picture a person dressed in all black, sitting behind numerous computer screens in a darkly lit room. However, this does not necessarily reflect the reality of how cybercriminals choose targets and execute attacks. While for most people misunderstanding how a cyberattack works won’t impact their livelihood, small business…
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Articles - mobiledevices best for business quickbuyer 17 custom crop

Which Mobile Devices are Best for Your Business? A Quick Buyer’s Guide

To accommodate the needs of the modern workforce, businesses require technology that is mobile, secure, and cost effective. Every year new mobile devices, laptops, and gadgets come out, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly which options you need and decide if you’re getting them at a reasonable price. To help you make an informed decision…
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Articles - cisco duo biz multifactor auth 13 custom crop

Using Cisco Duo to Secure Your Business with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

If your business needs an added layer of security when logging in and accessing internal systems, then you will want a user friendly, easy to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) option. Duo is Cisco’s cloud-based MFA platform that allows you to control which devices have access to applications on your network. The goal of Duo is…
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Articles - how secure productive hybrid workspace 10 custom crop

How to Create a Secure, Productive Hybrid Workspace

In recent years many businesses have begun to allow some or all of their employees to work from home. This flexibility has enabled many businesses to continue operations while they navigate the complex and trying times brought about by COVID-19. Looking towards the future, creating a long-term plan for a hybrid workspace allows a business…
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Articles - small bizinternet wifi cisco meraki tech 4 custom crop

Upgrading Small Business Internet to Wi-Fi 6 with Cisco Meraki Technology

A stable, secure connection to the internet is an essential component of any small business. To keep your business running, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and various other devices need a trustworthy connection to the internet to process payments, manage inventory, and keep you serving customers. This, of course, means your business needs a high-performance Wi-Fi experience…
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