Remote worker doing her job with EDR protection.

EDR Basics: Endpoint Detection and Response for SMBs

Endpoint detection and response, or EDR, brings together threat monitoring, quick remediation, and actionable alerts all in one place for your IT team. This powerful tool can improve the cybersecurity posture of any sized business, but is it for you? Here is some key information about EDR that can help you decide if it’s the security solution you need!
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Cloud with network overlay, representing NDR protection.

NDR Basics: Network Detection and Response for Small and Medium Businesses

Are you familiar with network detection and response? NDR can provide an essential layer of protection to your cybersecurity posture, and we think small businesses should know all about it!
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Small business workers interacting with the DNS layer security features for their company as they connect to a website.

DNS Security Essentials: A Security Solution that Keeps Your Internet Use Safe

Your business interacts with the Domain Name Service (DNS) every single day without you noticing. And malicious actors are eager to take advantage of this blind spot in your cybersecurity. Here is how DNS security can help monitor and protect your network as you connect to the internet to get work done!
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IT consultant monitoring supply chain attack methods for a small business.

What is a Supply Chain Attack? And How to Best Protect Your SMB

Do you know how a supply chain attack can be used to target your business? This week, we want to talk about supply chain attacks and what you need to know to start preparing your business against this threat today!
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Small business employees working with a password manager service.

3 Ways a Password Manager Improves Small Business Cybersecurity

A password manager service can be a strong tool to help improve a business' cybersecurity. Here are a few ways your business could benefit by implementing a password manager for your employees!
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Government agency employee trained well in spotting social engineering attacks.

3 Social Engineering Tactics Hackers Use to Target Government Entities

Do you know the social engineering tactics hackers will use to target government agencies? Here are a few of the most common attack strategies and how a reliable IT consultant can help mitigate the threat they pose!
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Managed service provider MSP helping a small business owner over the phone.

3 Ways the Best Managed Service Provider (MSP) Lowers Costs for Your Business

Working with a managed service provider (MSP) can make your business more secure and resilient to cyberattacks. The best MSPs will also help your business cut costs too! Here are a few ways the right MSP can lower technology and security service costs for your business!
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Small business owner developing essential cybersecurity infrastructure projects for their company.

3 Cybersecurity Infrastructure Projects Every Small Business Needs to Complete

The best time to start developing your small business' cybersecurity infrastructure is right now! Here are three projects that your company should work on to improve your cybersecurity posture, no matter the size of your business!
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IT consultant reviewing endpoint protection services with a local small business.

3 Key Features Your Endpoint Protection Should Have

Endpoint protection is a powerful tool that helps keep small businesses safe from hackers, but do you know all the best features it provides? Here are a few of the best features to look for in endpoint protection and how they can keep your company safe from attackers!
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