Ransomware attacks will often begin as phishing campaigns. Nation state cybercrime. Dark web.

3 Ways Dark Web Monitoring Can Help Protect Your Business

Given the abundance of illegal activities going on within the dark web, proactive business owners will want to know how to stay on top of their data and be the first to know if any of their company information has been stolen by malicious actors. Of course, putting yourself at risk by checking this information…
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What is the Dark Web? And Why it is Essential for Your Business to Know

The dark web is an area of the internet that does not appear on the search engines most users are aware of. You cannot access it with Google, Bing, or through typing a website URL into a web browser like Chrome or Firefox, and this inability to interact with it leads many regular people to…
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Woman working with a strong business email domain name.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Email Should Have its Own Domain Name

Have you thought much about your business email address? Often, having your own domain name can improve your business' image, and here are a few reasons why!
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Company employees looking into how to resecure stolen credentials.

3 Ways Hackers Use Your Stolen Credentials

Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for stolen credentials and access to sensitive information within a business. A lot of people assume that an attacker will immediately act on stolen credentials and give away that they have gained access to your environment, but this will not always be the case. After stealing company credentials,…
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Company executives planning how to deal with stolen company credentials.

4 Ways Cyber Criminals Steal Company Credentials

A successful, growing company is a prime target for malicious actors trying to steal company credentials, and they will go to great lengths to trick employees into handing over their username and password. Nowadays there are many ways malicious actors can launch a cyberattack on your business, and to help you better secure your business…
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3 Features to Look for in a Great Security Training Platform

Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for businesses that have failed to install security updates or neglected to properly secure their data, but more often than not, a lack of security training can make the human element of your business where malicious actors focus their attacks.
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Small Business, Hack, Hacked, Defending against getting hacked

How Small Businesses Get Hacked and How to Protect Your Business

When thinking of a business getting hacked, many people picture a person dressed in all black, sitting behind numerous computer screens in a darkly lit room. However, this does not necessarily reflect the reality of how cybercriminals choose targets and execute attacks.
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Mobile Devices, Mobile work, devices

Which Mobile Devices are Best for Your Business? A Quick Buyer’s Guide

To accommodate the needs of the modern workforce, businesses require technology that is mobile, secure, and cost effective. Every year new mobile devices, laptops, and gadgets come out, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly which options you need and decide if you’re getting them at a reasonable price. To help you make an informed decision…
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Using Cisco Duo to Secure Your Business with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Duo is Cisco’s cloud-based MFA platform that allows you to control which devices have access to applications on your network. The goal of Duo is to provide hassle free MFA protection with seamless scalability and useful insight into the devices accessing your network.
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