Everyday employees can prevent ransomware attacks with just a few good habits.

How Employees Can Prevent Ransomware Attacks with Everyday Best Practices

Helping to prevent ransomware attacks isn't a job for executives and the IT department alone. Everyday employees are a crucial line of defense for a small business' security posture and learning just a few cybersecurity best practices can make a world of difference!
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Security breach strategies need to be protected against via knowledge and training.

3 Security Breach Strategies Malicious Actors Use to Infiltrate Your Network

Do you know the security breach strategies malicious actors are using? Knowing what the bad guys are up to can make all the difference in preventing a security breach and improving your cybersecurity training!
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A small business owner working remote with the security of cloud services.

3 Questions About Cloud Services for Business Owners Wanting to Switch to the Cloud

Has your business been thinking about using cloud services? Here are a few of the most common questions asked by decision makers before they switched to the cloud!
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A small business employee working securely with cloud-based cybersecurity tools.

Why Small Businesses Need Strong Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Tools

Embracing the cloud can be a game changer for small businesses, but how can it help you? We want to let you know some of the best ways cloud-based cybersecurity tools can immediately improve your cybersecurity!
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A small business thinking about their data breach prevention strategies.

3 Data Breach Prevention Strategies for Small Businesses

Hackers are always on the lookout for businesses with weak cybersecurity. Do you know how to make your business an unappealing target? Data breach prevention requires the right training and the right tools, and here’s what you need to keep your data safe!
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Former employees can have big cybersecurity consequences if their information is not handled properly.

3 Ways Former Employees Can Endanger Your Cybersecurity

Are you familiar with how old employees can pose a security risk for your business? Former employees do not have to be malicious actors in order to endanger your cybersecurity, so monitoring their old data is extremely important for businesses!
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An employee traveling for work with cybersecurity in mind.

3 Tips on Traveling for Work While Maintaining Strong Cybersecurity

Do you know how to keep your data safe while traveling for work? Business trips can be hectic, but with a little preparation, you can keep your devices and data secure while on the move!
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Working with strong employee habits can greatly improve cybersecurity.

3 Cybersecurity Habits that Improve a Small Business’ Security Posture

Many people may not feel like they have a big role to play in their company's cybersecurity, but this is never the case. Every member of a team can help make their company more secure with the right cybersecurity habits, and we want to talk about what those are today!
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An employee working from home and avoiding shadow IT activity.

What is Shadow IT and How is it a Secret Threat to Your Business?

Do you know what shadow IT is? First and foremost, it’s an inside threat to your business that could be happening right now. Users with good intentions put small businesses at risk without realizing it when they engage in shadow IT activity, and we want to help you mitigate its danger.
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