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What is a Penetration Test? And How Can Pen Testing Support Strong Cybersecurity?

How does a penetration test work? And are they beneficial to small businesses? While pen tests are commonly associated with enterprise level companies, we want to talk about how they can provide valuable security data that can help small and medium businesses make strong cybersecurity decisions!
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A government agency team working at table with laptops and mobile devices. Technology acquired with strong technology procurement.

Technology Procurement for Government Agencies: Why Your IT Consultant Can be Your Best VAR

Technology procurement can be a challenge for many government agencies, but your local IT consultant can help! Here, we go over the advantages an IT consultant offering VAR services can provide to government agencies to lower lead times for technology acquisition and save on costs!
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Woman using a web application that stores browser cookies.

What are Browser Cookies? And What do They Have to do with Strong Cybersecurity?

We hear a lot about browser cookies, but what are they? In this article, we go over what cookies do for your web browsing experience, how they can impact your business' cybersecurity, and some best practices for protecting the data cookies store.
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Woman in the office near computers receiving a vishing call.

Vishing Attacks on the Rise: What is Vishing and Best Practices for Mitigation

Attackers have begun targeting businesses with vishing attacks more frequently, and they are seeing success. Do your employees know how to identify and respond to this attack strategy? In this article, we cover what vishing attacks are and offer some best practices for mitigating them!
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Man sitting with his laptop and phone in a business possible vulnerable to wardriving attacks.

What is a Wardriving Attack? How Hackers Attack Businesses from Their Car

Malicious actors can attack an SMB’s network just by driving around nearby. But how? Here, we want to talk about wardriving attacks, how they are conducted, and what SMBs can do to help defend themselves from this threat!
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Computer with a hand on its keyboard next to a coffee cup and smart phone. An employee offboarding from their company.

3 Common Technology Mistakes Businesses Make When Offboarding Employees

Employee offboarding can create challenges for a business' operations and cybersecurity if account access isn’t restricted and data handed off properly. Here, we want to outline 3 common technology mistakes SMBs make when they have an employee leave the company!
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Threat Persistence: How Hackers Linger After Cyberattacks and Best Practices for Mitigation

Threat persistence refers to malicious actors maintaining access to a business' network after an attack, and it can cause a lot of damage to a recovering business. SMBs must take steps to protect their data, so we want to outline how threat actors establish persistence and what businesses can do to stop hackers from lingering on their network!
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Medium business owner working with a tablet and laptop, better securing data integrity.

Data Integrity and SMBs: How to Best Keep Company Data Secure

Data integrity is essential for SMBs that house important client and employee information. Here, we want to provide an overview of data integrity and the best practices businesses can implement to keep their data accurate, complete, and safe.
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3 Best Practices for Moving to Zero Trust IT as a Small or Medium Business

Moving to a zero-trust approach to IT can be a challenge for SMBs that don’t align their company culture with cybersecurity and plan for the long term. We want to talk about a few best practices that SMBs can act on to help make transitioning to zero trust IT smooth for everyone in the business, no matter its size!
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