How Data Backups Help Protect Against Ransomware

A small business planning how to use data backups to defend against a ransomware attack.

Data backups can do much more than prevent data from being lost. Did you know that data backups can be a strong defense against successful ransomware attacks? But only if your business takes specific precautions to not have your backups encrypted!

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3 Best Features in a Reliable Backup Service

Remote worker that has a reliable data backup service and a dog in case of emergencies.

Do you know how to choose the most reliable backup service? This is a critical decision for your small business’ data recovery plan, so we want to let you know the three most important features you should talk to your MSP about when choosing a backup service!

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3 Key Cybersecurity Defenses to Deter Hackers

A small business planning cybersecurity to help deter hackers.

Deterring hackers is an around the clock job, and a strong cybersecurity infrastructure will help keep malicious actors out of your network. But do you have all the security tools you need? Here are three key defenses every business needs to deter hackers!

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3 Best Practices for Smoothly Scaling IT

A small business working on IT scaling as they need it.

As a business grows, its cybersecurity infrastructure must grow as well. Scaling IT to match user demand without compromising security can be a challenge though, so here are three best practices to keep in mind when you start planning the growth of your IT environment!

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Switching to the Cloud in 3 Simple Steps

A small business discussing their plan for switching to the cloud.

Do you think it’s time your business started switching to the cloud? This transition is a big step for businesses, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. With the right information, you can begin your transition into the cloud with three easy steps!

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