3 Key Features Your Endpoint Protection Should Have

IT consultant reviewing endpoint protection services with a local small business.

Endpoint protection is a powerful tool that helps keep small businesses safe from hackers, but do you know all the best features it provides? Here are a few of the best features to look for in endpoint protection and how they can keep your company safe from attackers!

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What is a Trojan?: Get to Know Malware Better

Business owner working on a device that trojan malware is capable of infecting.

Do you know how a trojan works? Not all malware is the same and knowing when to suspect a trojan could prevent an attack on your company. Here’s what you need to know about this malware type to help keep your personal and professional devices safe!

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3 Best Practices for Cloud Security

Cityscape representing better cloud security for small businesses.

Almost every business uses cloud services, but have you thought about your cloud security recently? Here are some best practices that you and your IT consultant can implement to make your cloud usage more secure!

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