3 Phishing Awareness Training Benefits for Your Small Business

A woman working at a small business after completing her phishing awareness training.

Protecting your business from phishing attacks requires a keen eye for detail, vigilance throughout daily workflows, and the training necessary to teach employees what to look for. Tools such as phishing simulations can be powerful for testing your workforce, but it is only one part of the phishing awareness training puzzle. To ensure your employees sharpen their skills for identifying phishing attacks and keep their knowledge current, you need to implement regular training that has three key benefits:

  • Content that is engaging and informative
  • Identification of each individual’s training needs
  • Flexible scheduling for follow up or recurring training

Up to Date Phishing Awareness Training Content

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Because each employee is a unique individual, their background knowledge will vary, so your phishing awareness training material must address a wide range of needs while still being flexible enough to give users exactly what they need. With a complete phishing training package, anyone that needs more phishing training will be able to access engaging and up-to-date animated videos that explain topics related to phishing. These videos will prepare employees to better spot phishing attacks in the future and equip them with the knowledge they need to not enter their credentials into malicious landing pages or download malware. To reinforce user learning, quizzes assess knowledge retention, highlight the most important parts of the training, and identify future training needs.

Phishing Training Statistics

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When users complete their training, actionable statistics will be provided on how well they did, so it is clear which areas they need improvement in. Also, training statistics will include a breakdown of how many training emails were opened, how many users began their training, and how many users completed the content. This will allow you to understand where your employees are at with their training, so you can strategically plan where your resources will be the most effective and contact individual employees that are in need of additional training.

Flexible Follow Up Training

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As your small business grows, you will want your employees and coworkers to stay on top of their training because malicious actors will always be trying to get the upper hand. To stay up to date with training, employees should be offered regular phishing training that recurs bi-weekly, monthly, or as often as an individual needs. Regular training sessions will keep lessons fresh in every employee’s mind, so they remember to always be vigilant for a well-crafted phishing campaign.


Because malicious actors are always looking for new ways to trick employees into handing over their credentials, every business –and especially small businesses– must make phishing awareness training a priority. For this training to be the most effective, you need informative content on the current state of phishing coupled with analytics that give you clear feedback on how to improve and regular training that makes that improvement actionable. If you think it’s time to improve your phishing awareness training, then we here at Robinett Consulting are eager to help you make your business safer and well prepared for phishing attacks.