3 Key Cybersecurity Defenses to Deter Hackers

A small business planning cybersecurity to help deter hackers. Emergency IT Services.

Deterring hackers is an around the clock job, and a strong cybersecurity infrastructure will help keep malicious actors out of your network. But do you have all the security tools you need? Here are three key defenses every business needs to deter hackers!

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Back to Basics: What is Ransomware?

A header for questions on ransomware, phishing, and malware threats. Dark web.

With the rise in ransomware attacks and their increasing efficacy, it is more important now than ever to be in the know about ransomware. In this article we start off a week of ransomware information by answering the question: what exactly is ransomware?

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3 Security Risks a Dark Web Scan Can Reveal

A small business owner seeing what information comes up on a dark web scan.

If you think your business security would benefit from a dark web scan, then it’s important to know some of the key pieces of information that could come up for your business. Knowing what malicious actors have gotten their hands on and how they may have approached your business for an attack may surprise you,…

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3 Ways Dark Web Monitoring Can Help Protect Your Business

Ransomware attacks will often begin as phishing campaigns. Nation state cybercrime. Dark web.

Given the abundance of illegal activities going on within the dark web, proactive business owners will want to know how to stay on top of their data and be the first to know if any of their company information has been stolen by malicious actors. Of course, putting yourself at risk by checking this information…

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