3 Cisco Duo Features That Keep Your Healthcare Data Secure

Cisco Duo for healthcare offices.

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is often the last line of defense when preventing unauthorized account access. Cisco’s Duo is a leading security solution for healthcare offices that cannot afford to have their sensitive patient data compromised. Here, we want to talk about the features Duo provides that help you best secure your data!

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Malware Filtering for SMBs: A Security Solution Overview and Best Practices

Company employees looking into how to resecure stolen credentials. Malware filtering

Malware attacks can be devastating to SMBs, so we want to highlight a great security solution that helps prevent cyberattacks. Malware filtering works to stop malware from entering your network while employees go about their usual workflows. Here is an overview of how this security solution works and a few best practices you can implement to better secure your network!

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