Value Added Reseller Services

At Robinett Consulting we’re more than middlemen. We provide efficient research, testing, and implementation of technology solutions that will save your company both time and money. 

We will evaluate your systems based on your organization’s needs and provide you with suggestions for your next move and believe there isn’t a one way or one solution, but a multitude of combinations that can achieve the same goal.

We believe there isn’t a one way or one solution, but a multitude of combinations that can achieve the same goal.

Need Help?

Knowing what you need can be a challenge. Let our team help you understand the issues and benefits so you can get the right kind of services.


Perhaps you go out to a big box store and see a laptop on sale with a particularly tantalizing price. You purchase it, take it home and come to the sudden realization that this laptop is not going to do what you need it to do. It runs slow and ends up feeling more like a paperweight with a keyboard. Speaking with Robinett Consulting as a reseller will net you personable back and forth conversation needed to help you make an informed decision when investing in new technology. We do all the research so you don’t have to! Our research gives you comparisons on products in different price ranges to best meet your needs. Better yet, we’ll even find creative ways to help you finance it all!


Cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), is virtual hardware that you don’t have to deal with. Let’s say your single office desktop isn’t powerful enough and you need new hardware but the price tag is too much. Utilizing the cloud will allow big up front, unbudgeted expenditures to be avoided. We’ll consult with you regarding the cloud’s various integrations and applications to get your company off the ground and into the cloud!


There’s a lot of software out there with new software releases every day of the week; even Sunday! It’s crucial that you have a team who can look through those massive software libraries, whittle down to the essentials, and gets you the correct, quality software package that fits your needs. We’re security experts and know what to look for when leading you to quality software; something that won’t infiltrate your system with back door viruses. Industry-specific software might be what you need and Robinett Consulting has your back there too! We’ll do the research for what’s available and recommend a reputable vender that fits your requirements. Whether it’s a transition, migration to industry-specific platforms, or simply some spring cleaning, Robinett Consulting leads you to the solution with the most value.